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Our high-productivity Haas EC-400 HMC and DMG Mori NHX 4000 make it great for machining large quantities of parts.

The Haas VF-7 vertical machining center has an envelope size of 84″ x 32″ x 30″ which makes it versatile to machine an array of parts.

The Haas VF-11 vertical machining center has an envelope size of 120” x 40” x 30” to accommodate large parts.

  • 30 CNC Machining Centers

  • 5 Axis Machining

  • Tight tolerance

  • Up to 120” of cutting capacity

  • Prototype

  • Large run production

  • Rapid estimating

  • 30 employees

  • 60,000 square foot manufacturing building

Milling Prototype

Grace Pacifica Machining, LLC has had the opportunity to be involved in some of the most demanding, time sensitive, developmental work for many key industries that support our country. Some of our work has reached Mars. Other industries we support are Space, Defense, Sea and Alternative Energy. Most of our prototype machines are CNC controlled. We still have our original machine which the company was started with, a manual Bridgeport mill, which is used to this day. Our CNC prototype area is a very crucial part of our business for quick turn and secondary operations. With innovative fixtures and proper tooling we are able to utilize these machines to turn hardware in a time efficient manner.

When making parts in small quantities, set-up is where much of the time is spent. Therefore, set-up accounts for the majority of the labor cost.

The ProtoTRAK™ is productive because it drastically reduces the amount of time spent on set-up. It combines the simplicity and flexibility of manual machining with the capability of making arcs, diagonals and circles like CNC mills.

Milling Conventional

The Bridgeport Standard Mill – the original, all-purpose mill – has been the “real thing” in milling, drilling, and boring for metalworking shops throughout the world. Today, the Series I Standard continues to fulfill the industry’s need for an accurate, reliable and versatile mill.

  • Table travel (X-Axis): 36″

  • Saddle Travel (Y-Axis): 12″

  • Quill Travel: 5″ (127)

  • Knee Travel (Z-Axis): 16″

  • Ram Travel: 12″

  • Throat Distance (Min.): 18.75″

  • Throat Distance (Max.): 6.75″

The Lagun Vertical Mill is extremely versatile giving us the ability to machine complex parts.

  • Table Size: 44″ or 55¼” x 10″

  • Work Capacity: 750 lbs.

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