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Sheet Metal

We have been providing customers with precision bent products for over 10 years. A Few of our major Sheet Metal markets are Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Semiconductor.

Amada FLCAJ 3015 Fiber Laser

Technical Data

Maximum cutting area:    120.86” x 61.02”

Axis travel cutting head:    128.74” x 61.02” x 3.93”

Maximum material thickness:    0.625” (2kW)

Maximum cutting speed:    4,724”/min.

Position accuracy:    +/- 0.0004”

Press Brakes

We have two Amada CNC press brakes located in our fabrication department. We are currently running one shift in this department with plenty of room for growth.

One Amada can handle bends up to 55 tons. The other Amada press brake can handle a full range of applications in bend lengths up to 120 inches.

Our press brakes are set up for both English and European tooling.

Whether it’s a prototype or large free standing enclosure, we pride ourselves on superior custom fabricated products. Our team can work with your sketches, blueprints, or files and help you design the perfect fit for any application.

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